Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wising You a Happy New Year from the OwensTaylor Household!

Happy New Year to all who may be reading this. Wishing you a healthy 2016 and whatever your plans or dreams are this year may they come through. Thanks to all who swung by this blog this and past years, especially those who liked or made comments, I appreciate it.

We rang in the New Year with the kids and Kaisa and Kevin. We had two fantastic fondues, cheese for starters and a chocolate one for desert. I think we rang in the New Year with Iceland this year J

Thinking of you all this night and New Years Day!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Still snuggled up....

Still hanging out here. Yesterday, as anybody who lives in Indiana will attest, was an absolutely terrible day with wind cold and rain…. We were all snuggled up by the fire.

Today we have snow; perhaps the winter is finally here? We already have the Taylor Swift 1989 album and the girls listen to it all the time. They have no idea however what a concert looks like. I just set them up watching the recently released TaylorSwift’s live concert. They are fascinated with the concert experience, marveling at her costumes and dancing in high heels!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Post Christmas Slumber

We are enjoying our post-Christmas slumber. This has included a nice relaxing fire, playing lots of games, reading and having fun. Lynne and I can even feel happy with each having managed a run this afternoon, I even took Molly for the first time today. We’re still on leftovers but they taste pretty good. Lynne has whipped up a turkey and ham pie tonight….yum!!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day Summary!!!

What a day, today was one of my favorite Christmas days. Why? I think everything pretty much went to plan and everybody had a great day.

Primarily, always our first concern, the kids seemed to really enjoy it and were very pleased with how it went. On top of that, Lynne and myself had great company all day, great food and a very very relaxing evening.

Thank you all for making our Christmas so enjoyable. And Lynne, (like most Mammy’s, Mum’s, Mother’s and Mommy’s everywhere, if you’re reading this you know what I mean), you are the rock of our family; you were largely responsible for how well today went, two words with sincere meaning, Thank you. I Love You!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

Tonight after a wonderfully relaxing afternoon with The Polar Express and an evening with Brad and Lisa, the cookies and carrots were left out for Santa and his reindeers, the new matching Christmas PJs and the night was topped off with the book, The Night Before Christmas. I think we are ready for the magic to happen, good night, see you all tomorrow!!

Merry Christmas Everybody.