Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday Anja

Today we had a hectic yet very enjoyable day. We celebrated Anja’s 8th birthday. We had at least 15 children running crazy around the house; we had wet weather so most of the time we were confined indoors. We had all the usual fare, grilled food, lots of drinks, fruit, veggies, sweet treats and cake and ice cream of course. Lynne did a treasure hunt again, Brooke did flower pot painting and Kenia who kindly gave Anja a piƱata for her birthday.

Thanks to all who came to celebrate with Anja, many thanks to Brooke as always for doing the “giant cupcake” birthday cake and of course to Granny Owens who sent Anja her beautiful clothes for the big occasion.  I took many more photos than those shown below, they can be viewed here.

Anja, we hope you had a wonderful birthday, we're so proud of you, so grown up, Mummy and Daddy love you so much.

Updated Picture of Connor's Eye

We are in final preparations for Anja’s 8th birthday party here, but shown below are a few shots of Connor’s shiner this morning. He is extremely proud of it.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Blue Egg in My Eye

Just in case we were not busy enough this weekend, Connor met with a little accident this morning. He was playing with a neighbour friend, they were swinging a golf club and of course three year olds are not very good at seeing danger.  He was hit just above the eye socket, in the eyebrow, and it started swelling immediately. Lynne took him to the doctor who said he was just fine; it looked a lot worse that it actually was. It will be ugly tomorrow. He is now going round telling people he has a blue egg in his eye!!

Dance Recital

We have a hectic weekend ahead of us that just got even more hectic. This morning the girls and I went to rehearse for their annual dance recital at Purdue. There will be over 250 children and young adults dancing in what is normally a very good hour-long show. Our girls absolutely love going to this. Something about dressing up in fancy clothes, dancing to pretty poppy music and then of course watching all the bigger girls doing much more sophisticated dancing, really appeals to them. This is all prior to Anja’s 8th birthday party which is tomorrow.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Final Weekend Post

Last blog post of the day. The kids are now all finally in bed. It was a busy and hectic weekend. We said a sad good-bye to Gran who went home on Friday morning, we got together with lots of friends, spent some time cleaning up, pruning and planting in the garden, had some great food, great company and even managed a 90th birthday party. Time for work and school again tomorrow but before we do, a few pictures below from an enjoyable few days.

Happy Birthday Jane

Connor and myself (and Daisy) spent a short time today celebrating a truly special occasion. Lorraine’s Mum, Jane, celebrated her 90th birthday.  Other than meeting her four to five times a year, we really don’t know Jane that well, we certainly never knew her when she was a much younger woman, nevertheless, there is always something very special to be celebrated when one meets a milestone like this. Happy Birthday Jane, it was a pleasure to be part of this with you.

Happy 5th Birthday Marissa

Happy 5th Birthday Marissa. We spent a few enjoyable hours yesterday at Steef and Ginette’s house celebrating Marissa’s birthday. It was a little colder than we had expected for the day and hanging around inside with some old and new friends, simply relaxing, was exactly what we needed. It was a very enjoyable afternoon indeed.