Friday, May 30, 2008

Going to India Tomorrow

There will be no posts next week since I'll be India. I'm going there for work and will be travelling for one week. Over the visit I will be in both Delhi and then Bangalore. Hope you all have a good week and an enjoyable weekend.

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Kristina the Photographer

Now that summer has arrived, Kristina is trying out her photography skills with the girls. She often pulls out our camera for a point and shoot session but often (like today) she gets right into it by bringing her own camera, a Canon EOS 30D. She then takes those and edits them in photo shop I believe. We have not seen any yet!!

On a separate but related topic, Kristina and Shaun had this really good photographer for their wedding. Check out his website and links to their wedding photos.



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Pajama Day

Kristina often hosts a Pajama day for the girls. Anja loves it. They hang out all day and do fun stuff that they normally don't get to do. Kristina gets right into it by arriving in the morning with her pajamas still on.


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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Congratulations Jonathan & Triona

There was an addition to our extended family Tuesday night. Triona and Jonathan added to their family with a little girl. They have named her Nara!

Congratulations to you all, you look great. You can read more and likely frequent updates on their blog.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Nice Pictures from the Weekend!

Shown below are few nice pictures that we took at Kristina's wedding on Saturday. It always helps when the weather is behaving!

I have not said much over the last two weeks about Lynne's mothers visit. Pat is helping round the house with many things from preparing lunch to dinner and from baby sitting to cooking up some freezer food for the kids. It's always nice to have her visit. She has one more week before she makes her way back to London.

Not much else happening really. It was a busy weekend as normal, trying to get everything done and a few extras. I managed a 6 mile run and a 23 mile bike ride on Sunday with Kevin so that was nice! Lynne spent a few hours in the garden which is her equivalent. Breakfast at Randy and Lorraines and a shopping trip to the mall rounded out the activities.

Last night we decided our holiday schedule, first and third weeks of July for some R&R in a log cabin somewhere!!

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kristina and Shaun's Big Day

After many months of preparation, Kristina and Shaun had their big day yesterday. The weather was perfect, Shaun looked great but Kristina looked stunning! It was a simple but immensely elegant wedding service which was held in The Old Church in Attica.

They both looked so happy. We all wish them a long, happy, healthy and loving life together from the very bottom of our hearts.

A few photos are shown below but a larger number are posted to the albums page.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Forever Young on her Birthday!

Today Lynne turned over another year. As the picture demonstrates, she's still young at heart.

We started the day off with all four of us in bed from 6.30am (this is normal). Lynne received some presents and then the day resumed as any other Friday. We did have dinner out at a local Italian restaurant tonight which was nice, if not a little rushed. Isabel needed her bed.

Happy Birthday Love.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Photos from 2008 Half Marathon

Below are a few photos taken by the Indianapolis Mini Marathon event photographers. You can see how my expression changed over the course of the race. The picture with me looking up (looking silly with fingers in the air) is from the famous starting line of bricks across the track at the famous Brickyard. This is the motor speedway where the Indianapolis 500 takes place.

Take note of how one looks after running 13.1 miles, the last 3 in pain!!




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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sea of Pink and Purple

Have some cool pictures from last Sunday. The pinks and purples were out in full. That's what it's like round here at the moment, Anja, Isabel and Lynne quite often are decked out in Pink or Purple.

Anja has claimed exclusive rights to pink, she has given purple to Lynne and Isabel and I've been given blue as my favourite (we're not big fans of stereotypes as you will notice:))

Lynne's mother, Pat, arrived for a three week stay yesterday evening. Perfect timing since Lynne is going away on a business trip to Madison, Wisconsin for a few days this afternoon. Not much else happening round here. It's shaping up for a nice day so probably time to get out and about.



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Saturday, May 03, 2008

PR in the Indy Half Marathon!!

Today I ran the annual Indianapolis Mini Marathon (half marathon, 13.1 miles) and tonight I'm riding on some post race euphoria.

I completed the race with a personal record (PR) time of 1:40:38 for a half marathon. This works out to be just over 7.30 min/mile pace. I beat my old PR of 1:44:14 which I set almost 10 years ago in Sweden. Out of a field of 35,000 participants, I finished 1799nth overall and 262nd in my age group. Life in these aging legs yet!!

This evening I'm enjoying a few bottles of the very drinkable Celis Belgian White!!

This picture is from last year so the bib number is incorrect, (I was 26165 this year). I'll place a photo from today when they become available.

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Marissa Arrives!

Last weekend we visited with Steef, Ginette and Marissa who was 11 days old (of course she's over two weeks now). She is really cute. She was awake when we arrived but was soon fast asleep when Lynne settled in to a familiar cuddling position. It was scary to see how Lynne enjoyed holding a newborn again.....

They have a blog of course but be warned it's in Dutch, they are from The Netherlands. I just love the last photo on this page. That pretty much sums up how it feels to have a new born!

Congratulations Steef & Ginette