Sunday, March 28, 2010

It rained all day…….

It rained all day today, literally, but it didn’t matter much since we spent it as planned simply hanging out with Lorraine and Randy. It was a perfect day, so relaxing. Randy actually had knee surgery this week and was convalescing but one couldn’t have told since he was up and about.

The girls played in the hot tub, had lots (and lots) of books read to them, watched a movie, had ice-cream and played some games. Connor had lots of naps and a doting Lorraine. We read the papers, surfed the internet, talked some politics and generally chatted for hours. Lynne and Randy talked a lot about cooking and even visited the Asian food store while Lorraine and I got caught up on some old friends. Randy and I actually got to play four games of chess. Normally I really enjoy these games and we are pretty even but today he was in top form. I lost three and was lucky that he agreed to a draw on the fourth as we had to head home. Connor’s screams saved Daddy for the first time.

Of course we took some pictures. I got some great ones of Isabel which mirror her personality to a tee in addition to a few where she really got into helping with dinner.
I also got a typical Anja shot, they now have a cat, Marley, and Anja simply cannot leave her down. On this we have a theory. Anja loves her soft blanket (blankey) and she sucks her thumb. Anybody who sucks their thumb (or knows somebody who does) will tell you that snuggling up to a soft blanket whilst doing this is really nice. Well, Anja is not allowed to have her blanket other than in bed, tough parents I know, but we think she has found a snuggly four legged substitute!!

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Finally an Update....

I think I declared Spring to have arrived a little prematurely! I was all excited at the start of the month but March has been a long and intermittently warm and cold month. The highlight was St Patrick’s Day of course. My Mum sent over quite a variety of clothes and assorted items for the day and the girls loved every minute of it (Thanks very much Mum).  Brooke even made the girls green milk for the occasion.

We have been biking a few times; the girls have been out in the garden quite frequently; the sand from the sandbox has already reached its summer steady state – all over the place and continuously being deposited around the house to the delight of both parents; Connor is growing obviously and starting to be very cute (16 weeks now) and Brooke is starting to get very comfortable managing all three kids in the afternoon (she looks very happy doing so anyhow and is coping extremely well). We are very lucky to have her.

As normal, I have posted a variety of recent photos below. The three directly below are from this morning.

I posted this photo below to document our next thumb sucker, he loves it already. It also highlights how tired Lynne has been recently as a result of Connor being quite happy nursing every two hours.
Finally, there is not much to this photo below, but there is a story that we'd like to document for the record. Our girls have quite large eyes and eyelashes and Brooke once commented on this to Isabel who was sharp enough to respond by widening her gaze to try impressing her. She now does this quite often and for a diverse set of circumstances if she thinks a little eye flirtation would help her cause. Recall that she is not yet three.
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Varios Photos

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St Patrick's day

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Connor at 13 Weeks

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Connor at 12 weeks!!

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Friday, March 05, 2010

Spring Finally Here....

Yes indeed, I think Spring may finally be showing its face here in WL. I have the kids running wild around the house for the last two weeks chanting….”we all have cabin fever, we all have cabin fever….”, it’s hilarious to hear them. Today it almost hit 50F and with more of the same planned for next week we should see signs of life all around next week. I took these two pictures this afternoon so it's starting. The girls were out playing in the garden this afternoon, on their swings and I went on a long run (9 miles),…..did I mention that we all have cabin fever?
Enjoy the weekend!!

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