Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Halloween

Today I carved my first ever pumpkin, the big one that we collected at the pumpkin patch a couple of weeks ago. Anja was very excited since many of the books we are reading right now have carved pumpkins and other Halloween paraphernalia. Lynne was responsible for the art work and I was the butcher! It was a lot of fun, particularly to see her excitement with the lit pumpkin before she went to bed this evening.

We have had a great weekend, I am mostly over my cold which makes me happy anyhow. Pat arrived safely last night and has already spent a few hours walking the floor with Isabel.

Have a great week everybody.

ps. If I do not post much this week it is because of this stupid computer I am on right now. It is playing silly buggers and it takes forever to get it started without crashing. It's extremely frustrating (can you tell?). We have plans for a new one!!




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Friday, October 26, 2007

The Girls at 11 Weeks

I know, I know, I was not going to do this But Lynne made me do it !!

We were all browsing old pictures this evening and Lynne suggested that I compare the girls at Isabels current age. As it turns out, it was quite simple really since Anja, just like Isabel now, spent a lot of time in our blue bouncing chair at this age and there were lots of photos. They do obviously look similar but already quite different. Isabel's hair being an obvious start.

Friday evening here and we are looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Pat (aka Gran) arrives for another 3 week visit tomorrow.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mum Has Now Left for Home

Earlier today I dropped Mum off at the bus stop for her long trip back to Ireland. Where does five and half weeks go? I have been getting texts from her all evening and her latest indicated that she had safely checked in, was having some food and a few beers. Perfect prior to a long haul flight.

We went out for dinner last night while Lynne looked after the girls. It was a nice end to a great visit, I enjoyed the dinner and the time together.

Mum was an amazing help with Isabel and Anja over the last few weeks, we are forever grateful. Many thanks Mum.



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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Anja Growing Up

I have not posted these photos before, I just received them from Lisa. They are from assorted visits over this summer to her house and were snapped on her digital.

I just love the middle one. On a hot summer evening, these girls just love ice-cream, as most adults do to be fair. Shown with Anja are two of her best friends, Reina and Anna.



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Isabel Getting Bigger

I don't get the camera out as often as I should but when I do it strikes me later what a difference a week makes to how a 10 week old baby is doing. She is developing fast and is already a very happy baby, most of the time (she is actually screaming as I write here in my Mum's arms).

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Updated Family Photos

Mum is going back this week so we took a few family photos so that she would have them for her trip home to Ireland. Below are a few of the better ones!!


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Hi to Christine who Lives in Madison

Christine lives in Madison, Wisconsin and is a regular viewer. Hi There. We live opposite to her Dad, Carl, and when they are in town she and her husband Chris always pop over to say hello. She called in this weekend since she was in town with a nice Bucky Badger shirt for Isabel. Many thanks. She reads here regularly and often updates her Dad on how life is going in West Lafayette, or specifically our house. Funny old world.

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Busy Weekend Tiling

We had a busy weekend. With Lisa and Brad's help we ripped out the old tiles from inside the new front door (installed this week) and replaced them with some nice new shiny ones. Many thanks Brad and Lisa for all your help this weekend.


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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Time Out with Granny!

Yet another shot of Mum doing what she has been doing.

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I'm having a Ball

Ruby is really enjoying her time on the swing!!

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Playtime in the Park

What a great shot of Lindsay, Ruby and Anja in the park today. Excellent eye Kyle?

You will see that the weather has turned a little colder recently. We now have normal October weather.

Today was a joyous occasion - Lynne had her cast removed. her wrist has healed well but is still very weak. The road to full recovery has begun in earnest!!

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Two Young Ladies Hanging Out

A picture from yesterday with Ruby and Isabel sitting on the toddler couch!!

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Quality Time with Granny

Mum is spending lots of time with the girls. She has been a wonderful help over the last three weeks, helping out from morning until noon. Today Anja did not show much mercy however when they were "watering" the garden. It turned into a great game which I think Mum actually enjoyed. She is bathing Anja as I type and is about to do Isabel also. I think Granny's love bathing grandchildren.

It was 88F (approx 30C) here today. This October weather is gone haywire


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Lindsay Getting Better

Lindsay will be back with us on Monday. She was off most of last week to have surgery. Nothing serious but no less important, details can found on her blog. I spoke with her yesterday and she is making a full recovery. Great to hear, we look forward to seeing you again tomorrow Lindsay. Relax today and enjoy the game (they are all very big Colts fans)

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Weekend Update

We are taking it easy this weekend. The recent happening in this already busy house is that Lynne has developed Mastitis. This is quite common in nursing mothers but quite traumatic. Symptoms include inflamed breasts coupled with a lot of pain in addition to a lack of energy and flu like symptoms. She is now taking antibiotics and feeling a little better but she is a little wiped out. Yet another item to get through.

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The Owens Girls!!

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Difficult Photography

Quite tricky to get two children to behave in front of the camera. No great photo of the two girls together yet but I keep trying!!

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Visit to a Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend we visited a local pumpkin patch with Lisa, Brad and the children. Did not take our camera but we did manage to get a few pumpkins for our front porch. Anja and Reina really enjoyed it, rides on the tractor and trailer, pony rides, petting farm animals and a jumping castle.

It's hard to even think that it is approaching the middle of October here, weather today is in the 80's.

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I'm Back

I know it has been a while...sorry. Life just does not seem to give one a few minutes to oneself with small children. We are all reasonable well (more later). Just a couple of pictures to give you a feel for how things are going.



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