Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good Luck!!

From this side of the pond, we all wish Clive, one of my brothers currently living in Ireland, all the very best with his final exams this week. They start on Wednesday. This has been a long road for Clive, one with a few bumps along the way, he started and stopped his education several times since the age of sixteen but a few years ago gained some new momentum, starting a part-time degree program whilst holding down his full-time job.

He has worked hard and most of the praise are his and his alone, although Tracey, the love of his life, deserves credit for the love and support she has shown along the way.

Nearly there Clive - take a final shot. Good luck.

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Happy Birthday Dear Anja!

We celebrated Anja's 4th birthday yesterday. Her actual birthday is this coming Tuesday, 28th April. We had lots of friends over, the largest gathering I think we have ever had and I think a good day was had by all. The kids had fun anyhow, cake, ice-cream, the usual party favourites. The weather was perfect, almost too hot.

I have posted lots of pictures of the day to our web album space but a few select shots are shown below in addition to a small slide show. Enjoy!

Once again, we must say a huge thank you to all who came and gave so many presents. There were so many - Thank you!




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Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Update

We have been keeping a low profile of late, sorry!!

We have been warming up to Spring over the last few weeks. Today was picture perfect, if not a little windy. No major news to report but these weeks have not been without incident. Lynne has been away for a few days, she spent 5 days in a hotel conference room in New Jersey (nice). We were over at the Mauer's house for Reina's birthday which is always fun. We had an Easter egg hunt. We had our first ever Chuckie Cheese experience (something else).

This weekend we will be having a get together for Anja's birthday. The weather is promised good, friends coming over, fire up the grill, cool down some beer, blow out some candles, enjoy some ice-cream...sing happy birthday. What could be more enjoyable?

I'm in full training mode for my half marathon, scheduled for 02 May. Managed an 11 mile training run last Saturday with Bill and Brad. It went well so I'm confident. If you are interested you can check my training log.

Hope you are all doing well.


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Kristina the Artist

A few of Kristina's recent photos of the girls!!


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We can never say enough about Kristina, she is wonderful with the girls. They were out playing the other day in our back garden, swarming around her, never wandering far from her side. I pulled the camera out and they knew instantly how to pose!!

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Easter Egg Hunt

On Easter Sunday morning we had a big breakfast with Lorraine, Randy and her family. We had a great morning, the weather was perfect and the girls were thrilled with the Easter Egg hunt.



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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Visit with Mary and Jimmy

My trip report to Ireland could not be complete without mentioning that Eilish and myself called in on Mary and Jimmy McConn, our Uncle and Aunt. Jimmy has been diagnosed with Lung cancer, has been treated several times with chemotherapy and radiation and has fought it vigoursly over the last few months. He looked great when we met with him and Mary. It was nice to see them both, particularly since they virtually always came to Roscommon to see me when I was returning home for a few days.

I came away from our visit with enormous admiration for their love for each other. During our discussions whilst there, despite been ill, Jimmy was adament that they were to take a holiday this year and that despite his illness "he and Mary were as happy today as they had ever been through their marriage". This sentiment was equally matched by observing how well Mary was caring for Jimmy. Many have done so but I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to care for a loved one through a serious illness, it requires a special bond, forged over time, that holds one together through both the good and bad times.

We are thinking of you all.

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Mothers day and a trip to Portarlington

To continue my story from last weekend in Ireland. It was also good timing for the trip since it was Mothers Day. Eilish had kindly organized us boys with a nice bunch of flowers from Mum and that evening, together with our aunt Nuala, we had a nice meal in roscommon town followed by an even longer evening.

The next day I spent with my brother Clive and Tracey. I had never been to their house in Portarlington so it was nice to stay for the night. They get married this August, consequently we discussed the summer wedding at length and even managed to visit their reception locale, The Heritage Hotel and Resort, a beautiful location.

I then had to get back to work....

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