Thursday, January 09, 2014

Finally Thawing Out

Let the big thaw begin. We are ready for above freezing conditions tomorrow. Kids went back to School today and both Lynne and myself intend on making it into the office tomorrow. We’re thankful now for plain old cold weather!

Here are my little munchkins today playing in the snow. I also snapped this photo of Connor which ended up being way under exposed, but it worked. He was holding his toy pirate spyglass and the flash filled it to make it look like it actually has glass (of course it's just a plastic tube).

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Hanging in there......

We are still in the deep freeze here in West Lafayette. The schools are closed tomorrow for the third day in a row, although Purdue opened its doors today. The interstate connecting us to Indianapolis was closed for much of the time, not sure of its current status. We are pleased that it has actually warmed up considerably; it’s now up to 7F (a cool -13C). Continue to stay warm everybody, won’t be long now until we’ll all be complaining of the heat again! (Don't worry, the picture of the girls below was taken Sunday prior to the deep freeze).

Monday, January 06, 2014

Cool Temperatures

Like many in the US and virtually everybody in the Midwest, we are house bound. It was a cool -14F (-25C) this morning, which rockets to much lower temperatures if you consider the wind-chill factor (-40F reportedly). This is the coldest since we moved to the US over a decade ago. Our poor furnaces are struggling to keep the house warm but at least our power has not been cut. Stay warm everybody. Shown below are a few shots taken today of both the inside and outside.