Monday, September 26, 2005

Life back to Normal

Hi Everybody,

This week it seems like life is back to normal. I'm up and down to Indy a few times this week and Lynne is busy at work. Incidentally, this is a big week for Lynne and her research group. Her first graduate student (PhD student) will have his final examination. That is on Thursday and she is cautiously excited. It will be a milestone in her academic career and we also wish Adnan the very best of luck. He will do just fine.

Pat is still here and is currently making a second set of curtains for us. Whilst she is excited that she can help us, we are extremely thankful for the help at something I could not possibly do and Lynne would not attempt.

Anja is doing great as the pictures shown below can attest. She now enjoys her solid breakfast every morning and is like her daddy in that the plate is always cleaned before she is finished.

My Mum and Dad are currently on holidays in the Canaries. If they are logging on to get daily updates, we hope they are having a great time!!

Gary, my running partner must get a mention tonight. He informed Phil and I this evening that he "stubbed" his toe. He thinks that he may have broken it, or perhaps just cracked or jammed. Consequently, he is out for running this week (I think if he did not wish to run with us ... he could have just said!!!!).

Anyhow, this is the Monday report. We'll be back later in the week with an update.


I think my gums are sore daddy!!

This a cute picture that Michele took the other day.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

We are back with an Update

Hi Everybody,

We needed a few days this week to get over the sad news we received last week regarding Aiden and Iclal, but now it's important to move on. Below is an update of how things have been.

Last weekend was one of the busiest this year. On Thursday, our friend of 8 years, Bryan, visited us from Sweden with his touring friend, Johanna. We all had a good weekend. We stayed in Thursday, went out Friday night to a bar with 150 beers, Chumleys in Lafayette. A good night was had by all. Saturday we had planned a big BBQ for some of my work friends and others. We had 20 adults visit us and many children. I found it necessary to buy a new BBQ. Purchased a gas grill. See pictures below.

The evening went well. I think everybody had fun. Bryan and Johanna caught the greyhound bus to Chicago Sunday morning which gave us all time to relax before work again Monday.

Last weekend was also very momentous for Anja....her first solid food. A few pictures are shown below but in summary it went as everywhere, not much in her mouth and Daisy cleaned up everything.

Life has now returned to some normality. I went for a 10km run this morning with Gary and later carried out some additional weekend chores (shopping). This afternoon Lynne, Anja myself and Pat took a trip to a local orchard to pick up some fresh apples and some freshly squeezed apple juice (or apple cider if you are from the US). The orchard is called Dispennett's. I bought 11gallons which will eventually be turned to hard cider!! (more on that later).

That is about all for now. Hope everybody is keeping well.


Hakan, his usual brightly self....must be something to do with him not drinking alcohol!!

The touring of the USA is catching up with Bryan. I think Johanna can take some more!!

Doug and Darla!!

A bit later in the evening!!

I love my Mommy!!!

Look...I'm the cute one!!

Laura and Madison

Brad and Olden!!

Ginette, Pat and Johanna

Sweden, meets the UK, meets the Netherlands

Jeremy and Misty, my friends from Lilly

Matt,my friend from work,with his daughter Madison

Lynne's colleague, Lisa with her two children

Michael and Siobhan from Ireland, both work at Lilly.

Our friends, Chris and Jill

Austin Yates...a little American boy

Mark Murray...a little Irish boy!

I think this is the only picture of everybody!!

A sure sign that we are integrating into the US style of living...we bought a gas BBQ last week...

We took advantage of the help around the house prior to the arrival of everybody. Johanna was kind enough to mow the lawn.

any food that was left over was well taken care of. As it turns out, Daisy loves rice cereal

...boy was she having fun...

Of course, the food went everywhere

A milestone, the first taste of solid food!!!!!

This is Anja's first solid meal in preparation

Bryan, our friend visiting from Sweden, trying his hand at fatherhood!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Period of Reflection

Hi Everybody,

It was an extremely busy weekend with guests and many activities. I will report on these later.

We received very sad news Sunday morning. My brother Aiden and his wife Iclal who was 21 weeks pregnant, lost their baby. Her name was to be Alisa. Our thoughts are very much with them at this time.

There will be a service on Friday, 23rd.

Paul, Lynne & Anja

Monday, September 12, 2005

Busy Weekend Yet Again

Hi All,

Apologies to all you Monday morning visitors. It was a busy weekend and I was very tired last night.

Friday night was Eilish's last night and we sat around and talked for a while before watching a DVD. Saturday was a trip to Chicago to bring Eilish back to O'Hare whilst also collecting Pat for another visit. She will be here for three weeks. Got back home at 19.30 or so and after the round trip I was quite tired.

Sunday was thus used for catching up with chores. Did lots of little stuff including putting together a piece of Ikea furniture. It was a rather large chester drawers and it took both Lynne and myself approximately 2 hours to put together. For those of you that may be vaguely interested, a picture can be seen here. Many of you may not know but all Ikea furniture comes totally flatpacked. Anyhow now it's finished!

HÃ¥kan is currently here with me, browsing over my shoulder. He came over tonight to say hello around dinner time...he's still here. He moved into this lovely house over one month ago, which is just around the corner. He has admitted to having used the microwave at least once and the stove has yet to be cranked up.....but his new lifestyle is just around the corner. You have to know him.

Daddy...where is Auntie Eilish gone?? I miss her.

Mummy is tired...Anja decided that she wanted to be up at 02.00 that night...of course she slept during much of the day.

Anja had her first bib on on Sunday...I've got Irish roots!!

View of the Chicago north shoreline. Lake Michigan is a large lake.

Eilish at The Hancock Tower in Chicago

Monday, September 05, 2005

Visit to the Zoo

Hi Everybody,

Saturday we all took a trip to Indianapolis and a visit to the Zoo. This was Eilish's first trip to a zoo and I think she enjoyed it. There are many pictures below but obviously we saw many more animals in addition. The dolphin show was particularly good, however the pictures were not that impressive.

We had lunch at one of our favourite places in Indy, another first for Eilish, Thai food. She loved it and would like to visit again before she leaves next weekend.

Sunday was a lazy day. Eilish looked after Anja while Lynne pottered in the garden and a batch of beer was brewed. In the early afternoon we went around to Lorraine and Randy's house for a great evening.

Today is also shaping up to be a relaxing encounter. It's already 11.00am and there are still no firm plans other than to go across to the Krause's house for a dip in the pool. They are currently away and we are "looking after the swimming pool for them''. We also had a dip yesterday. It's very nice to cool off when its well above the 80's.

That's all for now.....hope everybody in Europe is have a nice day at work........

Daddy and Anja brewing beer......It looks ready Daddy

Indianapolis Zoo





Not a great shot of the Lion