Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Busy Day Turning Two

We are having a relatively calmer day today. Yesterday, as many of you know, was Anja's second birthday. We had a small get together, many of our friends with small children came along to help with the cake, sing the necessary and generally have a good time. Anja had a great day, she has never had so much sweet stuff in one afternoon!! We had the perfect day for an outdoor party and all that goes with it.

Many thanks to all who brought gifts, even those who were not even present!!

Finally, many thanks to both Lorraine and Sue for the helping with the clean up. Much appreciated.

I have posted many pictures below but these are of course just a sample. The entire set are posted on a Web Album. Click here to see the full set.

Thanks for coming everybody, we enjoyed it!!

Today was My Birthday!!

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The Girls at Play

See a very similar photo later in which the Girls are a little Older !
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Didn't Manage a Photo Prior to the First Cut

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Mummy was the Baloon Lady

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Today was a Two Candle Day

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A Very Proud Mummy & Daddy

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Chuck & Melissa

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The Girls - Lisa, Lynne & Laura

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The Hagen Kids, August, Carl and Elsa

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Emma and her Mum, Laura

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Emma & Anja

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Lisa, Brad, Aulden and Reina

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'm Two Today

Today is Anja's second birthday. Seems like yesterday.....

We are having a get together this afternoon, lots of children to help Anja cut the cake and lots of adults to supervise the beverage intake ::))

We are a little lucky with the weather, it's currently over 60F and rising!!

I'll be posting more tomorrow....have a great weekend!!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Getting Through the Week

Short mid-week update. We are still alive, surviving without the Mummy. Just back from a great evening with Brad, Lisa, and their kids out at their new farm. We played 'farmer' for the evening, even got to plant a few new trees!!

I posted this cool shot below which Lindsay took the other day. It essentially shows Anja now (obviously) but behind her is a picture from approximately one year ago. The difference a year makes!! We are gearing up for the weekend here in West Lafayette, Anja's second birthday will be Saturday. More photo opportunities!!

Hope your week is going well!!

The Difference a Year Makes

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend Update

The summer has finally arrived to West Lafayette, or so it appears in any case. It's been 80°F both days!!

I got a bike ride in on Friday afternoon before another long run (11 mile) in preparation for our half marathon on May 5th, the Indianapolis Mini Marathon. Then caught up with Randy and Loraine again to go for a much more relaxing family bike ride and picnic together with their grandchildren, Scotlyn, Cy and Logan.

Dusted off the grill/BBQ yesterday evening which officially started the summer outdoor meat, fish, salad and beer culinary summer feast!! I love this time of the year. We were able to sit out until almost 9.30pm, no bugs just a cool breeze!!

Got some chores done this morning and another batch of home brew, an Extra Pale Ale, before Lynne hit the road. She left at lunch for a two stage business trip to both Wisconsin and New Jersey. She'll be back on Friday evening so I'm holding down the fort, with a lot of help from Lindsay of course!!

Have a great week everyone!!

Waiting for the Ball to Arrive

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Jersey from Roscommon

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Catching Up with Older Photos

I was scrolling through some photos from last summer that I have not shared and I thought the one below was worth posting. It's essentially six photos stitched together from a vantage point overlooking the Ohio River viewed from the Indiana side. The Ohio River forms the border along the very southern edge of Indiana and we rented a cabin last summer in the Hoosier National Forest.

View of the Ohio River using Photo Stitch

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Click the picture to see an enlarged version

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Why Another Layout?

You may be saying to yourself, here we go again, new week new layout, and asking yourself how trigger happy am I going to actually get!

Well what you see now is what you get. I had changed initially to get motivated again after re-entry to blogging. I simply just picked a new template and started working on it. I admit that I was a little horrified when I remembered that it was the same style as Davey & Sam's blog. I decided then not to change it once again until I was switched over to the New Blogger.

Just so that you know, blogger, the hosting site of this blog, has been migrating to a new version and this blog was migrated today. So here it is, after a short time playing with templates etc etc the look and feel is complete!!