Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trip to Ireland

I was working in the UK last week, Leeds to be specific, and since I had to be there early in the week, I traveled on Friday night to stay the weekend with my Family in Ireland. It was a short but intensive family catch up.

I travelled to Roscommon where I grew up and managed to see Mum, Dad, my sister Eilish, many aunts and uncles, a few cousins and many more. It was great to see everybody.

One highlight of the weekend was being able to go to a local pub with Eilish my sister to watch the Ireland Rugby Team play the last match of this years Six Nations. A very special year since Ireland had a chance to win the Grand Slam (when a team wins all five of their matches). It is quite a feat and Ireland had not accomplished this in 61 years. This was an extremely special treat for me since I normally have to follow these matches on the BBC website by getting text updates every 5 mins. This match I got to watch live in a pub in Ireland with wall to wall fans screaming at every touch of the ball. It was a very tight game which came down to the final kick of the game, Wales had a chance to win but missed the kick....champions!! You can read a write-up on this historic game here.

More on my trip to Ireland later....

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Pictures from Skiing

This is a short follow-up from our recent skiing trip to Bittersweet, Michigan. Brad sent over a few photos and I snagged one from Kaisa's blog (Thanks to you both).




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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Relaxed Weekend in the Sun

No, we didn't travel to any far off sun destination, West Lafayette, had very nice weather for a change this weekend. First signs of spring. It spurred us to clean up the garden a little, sprinkle some grass seed, put our first vegetable seeds in and went for a stroll through a local forest trail for a couple of hours, Celery Bog.

Anja was much better today. Let me clarify. She had a visit to urgent care on Friday with a fever of 104F. After an extremely poor doctors visit, he barely examined her, he put her on a course of antibiotics. It was all very mixed, since the swab for strep throat was negative but she had swollen tonsils with white spots and she is feeling much better after two days on drugs. Hopefully she is now on the mend, many of us have had a few broken nights sleep.

Not much happening this week other than I will visit Ireland and spend next weekend with my Mum and Dad. I'm working in the UK next week so I'm going early to spend the weekend in Ireland. Cool!!

A few pictures of the girls playing this week and some reading this weekend!

Enjoy the week!!



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Saturday, March 07, 2009

I'm Potty Training

We are a long way off yet but Isabel has been doing her business on the potty four or five times a day this last week or more. She still will not let us know but if one asks her if she needs to go every few hours, she very cutely ambles into the bathroom and proceeds to do what she needs to do. I'm sure you all need to know this but we like to document these milestones for future reference!!

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11 Years

Today Lynne and I celebrate 11 years of married life! Time certainly passes by quickly, seems like only yesterday we got married in Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe. Our wedding picture can be viewed here.

The picture below was something Anja found in a drawer the other day. It's funny how pictures get "filed" away and seem quite funny when they re-surface. This picture was taken in Sweden in 2000, we were painting the outside of our house, it took us all summer, and one day, Anna, our next door neighbour, popped over with a camera to document the activities. We're glad she did.

Tonight we get to steal away for a while. Randy and Lorraine are going to watch the girls for the night (Many Thanks!) and we are spending the night in Indianapolis. Going to have some dinner and a night at the symphony, they will be playing one of our favourite pieces, Rachmaninoff's piano concerto No. 2.

Have a nice weekend everybody!

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Our Baby's Growing Up

Anja popped on this new jacket that Lynne bought for the summer and there before stood us a little lady. We obviously still consider Anja to be baby, well a very small girl at least. This picture jumped us into a realization that she is growing up very quickly!!

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