Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Went for a Swim this Evening

This evening, our neighbours Liz and Phil Krause invited us over for a dip in their pool. Lynne kindly offered to stay at home to watch over Anja while Eilish and myself enjoyed the delights of a cool evening swim. Hmmm

They have a 36 by 18 foot pool in their back garden which is nice to use day or night. It was a relatively cool evening which made the water at 30 degrees C (85 F) seem very warm.

Their son, Tommy, joined us for a dip which made for a great excuse to delay bedtime just a few extra minutes.

After 45 minutes or so sloshing around and a beer it was time to draw it all to a close. Eilish wanted a picture of her diving in. We got one eventually...I need to hone my photography skills since it took a few shots which Eilish was not best pleased about..

A great night was had by all.......

Phil and Eilish ...

Eilish diving took a few shots to get this one

Tommy joined us in the pool which extended his bedtime. He loved it...

Brother and sister enjoying the water at 09.00 in the evening!!

Eilish and myself just about to dive in.


The pool at night

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Busy Weekend Update

It's Sunday evening and it seems like we have been quite active over the last few days. Eilish and Michele chilled out Friday....played scrabble all day.

Saturday the day started with another tomato batch boil down. We will have lots this winter. A trip was then made to Sams Club, a warehouse type food store, to get some supplies for a BBQ that evening. Lynne invited her entire research group for the evening. A great time was had by all. Thanks to our neighbours, the Krauses, since we borrowed their grill we were able to cook enough food for everybody.

We seemed to spend all day Sunday assembling beds and furniture from Ikea. It's always a good mental and physical workout. Lynne, Eilish and Anja then took a trip to TJ Max, a discount designer store, while I finished off some weekend chores (and some light beer brewing duty).

Colleagues of Lynne, Terri and Rodo, visited Sunday afternoon to see us all. They brought their dog Murphy. He and Daisy who are the same age get on very well together (a great picture of Murphy taken in the spring after a wet afternoons play) . Monica was able to see Anja for the first time in quite a while.

Eilish was then kind enough to babysit Sunday evening while Lynne and I visited with friends for dinner.... a busy weekend all round.

More updates during the week.

Monica and Anja

I'm tired after this weekend.....

H�kan now looking more confortable with Anja



Sally & Anja

H�kan is eating on his own since he arrived late....



Food time

I like hamburgers!!

Getting ready for the BBQ.

Eilish and Anja bonding...

Eilish chilling out.....

Lynne playing pirate with the dog.

Look at my new workstation...

I'm geting bored of this photography...

Another batch of tomatoes were boiled down this weekend....

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Bumped into one of our neighbours this evening on our walk.

Matt & Laura down the street had a baby just two weeks after Anja was born. Her name is Emma and is shown below with Lynne, Anja and Laura

Laura, Emma, Anja and Lynne

Eilish in Indianapolis


Over the last two days, Eilish has visited Indianapolis and checked out the campus of Purdue. She has also sampled Mexican food for the first time, which she liked a lot.

Herself, Anja and Michele are getting on just great. Tuesday they went to a salon together, today was lunch at a local cafe and tomorrow they are all doing their nails - a French manicure (first time I had heard of one of these!).

that's the installment for today........

Eilish and Anja fully acquainted!!

She avoided this building on her first trip...the court house!

Limousines everywhere...Eilish just wanted a ride in one!!

Eilish liked this water feature in Indy!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

HÃ¥kan arrived back from Sweden on Sunday and brought a piece of his homeland with him. A Tripp-Trapp stool. Every child in Sweden grows up in one of these and we wanted one.

Anja took to it straight now I'm up at the table like everybody else

What's all this fuss about???? Poor daisy, everyday there seems to be new people here. She loves it though, new people to give her treats!

Finally a picture of Michele our nanny with Anja! Eilish is here keeping Michele company all day. Today all the girls went off to a salon where Eilish found time to get her eyebrows waxed. I'm starting to get worried for Anja....she may have red hair next week!!!

Monday, August 22, 2005

My Cousin Dorothy....... :-) :-)

Hi, Went scrolling for a picture of my cousin Dorothy as promised and when I came across this I just could not resist...

I couldn't wait....

Tomatoes Pictures and Eilish

Hi Everybody,

Since I last posted we harvested a number of our tomatoes. We have had lots this year and there are lots left on the plants. We boiled them all down and put them in the freezer for tasty winter pasta and other assorted dishes.

Back to work today. Eilish went exploring the sights of West Lafayette and found a number of student shops on the campus of Purdue University.... Tomorrow she is going to do the same ... but armed with the camera so expect lots of blog action over the coming weeks. West Lafayette, Purdue University and Indiana through the eyes of a nineteen Yr old Irish girl!!

Not much else to report other than we had an email this evening from my cousin Dorothy Mulgrew. First ever email from her...Hi. I will dig through all my photos to see if I have a photo of her....There may be one posted tomorrow evening!!!

Bye for now......
Paul, Lynne, Anja and Eilish!!

Who looks happier????

Eilish and Anja enjoying a time-out

Bumped into one of Lynne's colleagues today before we all went for a walk...a very nice man Pat Belcastro.

Looks like our house is slowly being converted from a dinky pad to the customary "child-takes-over" scenario..

Michele had her boyfriends sister here today. Her name is Janet

Putting Eilish to work on her first day here...

Diced and ready for boiling down....

All the tomatoes prior to washing!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Arrival of Eilish

Hi Everybody,

Eilish arrived yesterday. We got in quite late last night, it's a long day up and back to the airport in one day. Eilish had a great flight and is now enjoying her little niece. They seem to have taken to each other quickly. Eilish has the usual bout of Jet-lag. She was making tea for herself at 05.00 this morning. Although she is enjoying the weather, it is rather hot and humid for her. Highs today will be approximately 30 degrees C and 80% humidity.

Also visited Ikea, the Swedish furniture store, yesterday while in Chicago. It was a zoo. Not recommended on a Saturday afternoon.

That's it for now. More later..........

Daddy...why are you always flashing that silly thing??

Ahhh..... I like my Auntie Eilish!!! look just my Daddy!!!

After much waiting Eilish arrives and is well able to help herself with making tea!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Play Time Before Bed

Just a short post. We were all playing upstairs before Anja went to bed (including Daisy) so I took a few shots that I just had to share!

Look I've got a spider on my head!

Play time with Mammy on the gym before bed

Monday, August 15, 2005

Lynne Back to Work

Hi Everybody,

Today Lynne officially went back to work. I say that since she has been putting in many hours working at home, in addition to looking after Anja. Today however it was official.

For those of you who didn't know, we are having a nanny come to our house each day to look after Anja. Her name is Michelle and she is very nice. I'm sure pictures of Michelle and Anja will soon appear on this site.

Lynne of course had the very normal anxious feelings that every new mother has when returning to work. Leaving her child with a virtual stranger. The day went well for her and I'm sure she will get into the swing pretty soon again.

We had a nice relaxed weekend. Not much was achieved other than papers read, coffee & tea drank and the host of usual weekend household chores. This was our last weekend alone for some time since next weekend I travel to Chicago to collect my sister who stays right up to the arrival of Lynne's mother who will be followed by my mother.

That's all for now. Didn't have any real special photos from the weekend so I posted a nice shot of a Lily that I took earlier this summer.



No story in particular...just one of the many shots I took over the summer of our summer flowers.

Thursday, August 11, 2005