Sunday, May 29, 2005

Lynne playing with our (ooops her) new toy. Lynne's parents bought her this Kitchen Aid mixer for her birthday and is trying it out on a batch of scone bread today!!

Life in general at the moment in our house!!!!

Wherever Anja is, Lynne is generally close by.....
Wherever Lynne is, Daisey is always close by....

Daisey is slowly accepting our new guest... She is very good with Anja and obviously we are still very careful...the signs are all good.

She always looks like a little hobbit when we dry her. All her towels come with this cool hood thing!!!

More pictures of bath time. Previously (just in the sink) she did not like baths but this baby bath seems to work a treat!!

More pictures of Anja!! Today is obviously a Sunday so Daddy (the main photographer) has more time.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Congratulations to our friend Dr Malin Bjursten. Malin recently finished her PhD studies and is now spending a little time relaxing before she gets married to Wayne this July in Sweden. Malin is a friend of ours from when we lived in Goteborg.

Happy Birthday Jonathan

Today, Jonathan my brother, turns over yet another year!! (He's like the rest of us - turns 21 today!!) Wishing you a very happy birthday from West Lafayette.

Jonathan, a wannabe Hoosier, is now living in Sligo. Foe those who do not know what a Hoosier is. This is a person who is born and raised in Indiana. Jonathan and Triona lived in Indianapolis and loved it there. This weekend by the way is the Indy 500.

This post is obviously a little late but you will get the best wishes at some point.

Unfortunately I do not have any embarrassing pictures of him but I can plug his software company. You can see it at

Anyhow, Happy Birthday Jonathan and best wishes to Triona and Diarmuid!!


Thursday, May 26, 2005

This is H�kan's Mum. All the way from Sweden. They will return again Saturday. She was very happy to see both Anja and how big Daisey had got.

Here is the happy family from Hillcrest Rd. We had visitors tonight so they were kind enough to take a picture!!!

Recent photo of Lynne and Anja!!

An updated picture of Anja enjoying here favourite resting place!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Eilish

Not much happening here in West Lafayette. Don't even have new pictures. Life is a little more hectic during the week.

This is just a quick message to say a big Happy Birthday to my sister Eilish who will be 19 tomorrow!!

Speak to you soon


Monday, May 23, 2005

This is the picture of the night. This is what we have to look forward to. Raina, Lisa and Brad's one year old little girl is obviously in her dribbling phase!!

This is cute. Obviously they did not mind rolling on the Daisey's bed!!

We had guests for dinner today. Lynne's friend from work, her husband Brad and their two lovely kids. Of course I am snap happy these days so I took a few photos. Here are a few!!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

This is the final product...for today... We'll be drinking that in about 6 weeks. It may be ready when my Mum & Eilish arrives. We'll toast a drink to Eilish having finished her final exams and having left school.

Dry Irish Stout in the making today....

Lynne's Mum, Pat, has been busy making curtains for Anja's room since she arrived. They are almost finished. I think she'll be happy when they are since they have turned into a bit of a project

Second Day of the Blog

Today, Sunday will be another slow day. Not much planned. I posted some pictures taken yesterday of Anja after a bath and with her mammy and Gran. They all looks very proud.

Today I may do another batch of beer - I have the ingredients for an Irish Stout that are just calling to be boiled. Will have to see if I manage to get to it.

I'll post a pic if I do!!

Other news -- Yesterday I learned that my friend Helen from University will be getting married next May to Stewart. Congratulations once again Helen!!

Bye for now all


Lynnes' Mum like this one. Three generations. Not sure yet who looks like who!!

My little girl s'got attitude

Anja Close up after her bath. She is a little prone to red-eye. She looks happy here but less than a minute earlier she was voicing her opinion on the benefits of a bath!!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Early Picture of Daddy and Anja

Me with Anja

So finally I have worked out how to post pictures


After dabbling for a short period of time, I've worked it out. See pictures below of Daisey, Anja, Lynne and Me.

Next task will be to try to understand how to organise the blog a little.

Bye for now!!


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Pictures of Anja Posted by Hello

First post to my blog

Well I truely did not believe I would be doing this anytime soon....but here I first post to my first ever blog!!!!

I was trying to post pictures this morning and after a lot of wasted time trying to email photos, I gave up. I may try posting a few lines here every other day or so with possibbly a few pictures of what is happening in our lives.

Of course in the near future this will be dominated by pictures of Anja, our little three week old girl!!

Well that is it. My first blog post sure to return often to catch up and give feedback on my blog!!