Sunday, September 05, 2010

Trudy and Jenna Visit

Trudy and Jenna popped over this afternoon to see the girls and Connor. Trudy and her husband Mike are our direct neighbors and friends.  Like us, too they have three children, albeit a little older. Patrick, Jenna and Piers and obviously since we have moved here we have seen their children all become adults whilst they have seen us become parents. Jenna now works in Washington DC and she wanted to see how big they were all getting.

The kids love Trudy, a teacher in our local school district, has had our girls over from time to time to her house on Sunday evenings for reading since they could walk. They love that of course, they’ll sit and be read to for hours, the little treats they also get don’t hurt.

I also shared with her our family blog address so perhaps she’ll come visit and leave a comment……

Underwater Camera

The girls and myself went swimming this afternoon over at our local YMCA, we try doing that as often on a Sunday afternoon as possible, particularly in the winter to simply get out of the house.

Today we had an extra incentive; well the geeky Dad did anyhow. One of my work colleagues lent me an underwater camera. It’s an actual waterproof camera instead of a camera in a casing, an Olympus Stylus Tough 6020, and it worked really well.

It was hard to get adjusted to it at the start, the shutter lag was tricky having had an SLR for quite some time. Shutter lag is tough to adjust to when you also have to dive up and down to catch breath whilst explaining all of that to a 3 and 5 year old.

It was fun see the best few shots below.

Randy's Accident

Some of you will know but others will not. Our good friend Randy had a rather nasty bike accident last Sunday afternoon. They were at the end of a long ride and upon returning to where the car was parked, it appears that he hit one of those speed bumps without seeing it. It did not have any discernable markings which they have now fixed of course.

He tumbled from his bike and was laid unconscious for a few minutes. He hit his head somehow and shattered the helmet. We shudder to even imagine how it would have ended up without a helmet. Although he did have some luck with this accident, it’s all relative since he did unfortunately break three ribs and his collarbone. He’s in a lot of pain right now, is obviously incapacitated to some extent which is very frustrating for him. He'll be this for six to eight weeks but his spirits are very high.

Wishing you a speedy recovery Randy!!