Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ella and Gran Visit Again!

The next chapter of our summer started with the arrival of Pat and Ella yesterday. They will stay for three weeks. Just as she was three years ago when she last visited, Ella is the big attraction today, each of our children are vying for her attention. Welcome back Gran and Ella; we’re really looking forward to a great visit.

Michigan Vacation 2015

We just got back from another very relaxing and long overdue week of vacation. Like we’ve done for the last few years, together with Randy and Lorraine, we stayed at Kingfisher Cove just outside Saugatuck, a great little town on the west cast of Michigan.

We did a lot of relaxing yet seemed to pack several activities into the week: fishing, swimming, cycling, baking, kayaking, playing games, walking, shopping, eating and drinking. There was something in there for everybody, Connor even lost his first tooth on this fun packed week. Kayaking was our “new activity” for this trip and it was a big hit with everybody so we’ll likely do that again.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

4th July Celebration

We just returned home from the airport, we have three exhausted girls now back home with us. We spent another great weekend in Chicago, this time with Mike, Lynda and Morgan. They were extremely gracious hosts all weekend and hosted a great 4th of July party yesterday. I got to see some old friends and a few new ones too. It was great to see everybody, thanks again to all who helped make a truly memorable day and weekend.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Happy 4th July

Wishing everybody a Happy 4th July Weekend. Connor and I will be leaving for Chicago in a short while, we’re visiting Mike, Lynda and Morgan for the holiday weekend. Shown below is a great "flag shortbread" that Anne and Connor prepared during the week, it is very good!!

We are also looking forward to collecting Lynne and the girls on Sunday morning at the airport after a long three weeks. It will be great to have them home again and to hear their trip highlights!

Enjoy everybody.