Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Water Fun and Relaxation

Paul: After a little gardening this morning, we spent a relaxing afternoon and evening with Randy and Lorraine. Exactly what we needed for Memorial Day, what a great weekend it has been. The big activity for the kids was playing with water balloons, it’s amazing how much fun can be had with such simple stuff.

Take a look at the short video I shot of Connor, he became obsessed with me filling a big balloon and then having me film him in slow motion while he punctured it (it may not look like anything’s happening but it will run about 50 seconds).

Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Weekend Keeps Rolling

The kids and I, plus Reina our delightful friend, spent a fantastic afternoon at our local outdoor municipal pool. The kids of course spent the entire three hours goofing around in the pool and were exhausted at the end, I on the other hand, akin to a walrus, spent  a very relaxing time lounging on a recliner, only venturing into the water every twenty minutes or so to cool off. Ahhhh, I love the summer (I didn't take pictures at the pool, I don't think it's appropriate to do so). 

We then had Kaisa and Kevin over for a very relaxing event dinner. 






Connor's Longest Bike Ride

Connor and I did a 10 mile bike ride this morning, his longest ever. He was very enthusiastic at the start but was a little more weary toward the end. We took frequent stops and was a real trooper though. He now has very tired six year old legs. 




Saturday Roundup

After our usual Saturday morning swimming and running schedule, followed by a sprinkling of grill shopping, gardening and baseball playing we had a very relaxing evening out at the farm with Lisa and Brad. It was a beautiful evening to kick back enjoy the setting sun and sample all of Lisa's many home grown delights. The rhubarb and strawberry was the best, all picked an hour previously. The kids however always prefer playing in the creek. 










Friday, May 27, 2016

Start of Memorial Day Weekend

The Memorial Day weekend here in the US has started and we're all ready for some chilling out. I took a few hours vacation this afternoon and had a nice bike ride through the fields of the emerging corn fields. 

We then had a very enjoyable dinner with Matt and Anne. Had a great evening. 

Wish you all a great weekend. 






Thursday, May 26, 2016

Relaxing Evening with Lynne

Had a nice surprise email from Lorraine today offering to take the kids tonight so that Lynne and I could have a night to ourselves. We had a great bike ride, 20 miles of sheer relaxation, and then a very enjoyable dinner under the arches of our city courthouse.

Thank You Lorraine!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

We Celebrate Some Birthdays

ISABEL: We went over to Randy and Raine’s house to celebrate Mommy’s, Padma’s, and Ranie’s birthdays. Danora and her Mother and sister were there. Unfortunately, khartik and kaavia where in India and couldn’t make it. We ate a delicious carrot cake with an even more appetizing homemade cream cheese frosting. After cake, we opened presents and guess what? Randy got Ranie a brand new computer! Mommy got some new tea cups from me, new goggles from Connor, and new frying pans from Anja. The presents were all great and the many, many, many  flowers were all colorful and beautiful. I loved the time I spent there and I am sure that everyone else did too!

PAUL: Finally glad that summer is here. I'm hoping that you will all soon start to enjoy some warmer weather, a little vacation perhaps, long walks or a few  bike rides, extra time in the garden, time to soak up some sun with friends or in solitude or whatever you get up to this time of the year. For us it's a little of all of the above. Enjoy the coming few months folks. 








Monday, May 23, 2016

Friends Over for summer dinner

ISABEL: Tonight we had Aneka, Marissa, Steef, and Ginette over for a summer dinner. We had beef burgers, chips and guacamole, fresh fruit, hotdogs, and kebabs. After dinner Anja, Aneka, Connor, Marissa and I played outside. Soon afterwards Connor was sent to bed and all the other kids had races and played hide-and-seek. Finally it was time for Aneka and Marissa to go home and Anja and I to go to bed. It had been a really fun evening with Aneka, Marissa, Steef, and Ginette!

Paul: By convention going forward, I will add the authors name as pre-text and while exercising editorial oversight, I will limit editing to focus on appropriateness...this will be fun over the summer. For all of you who cheered Isabel on over the last 24 hours, thanks, I told her who had said what and it really lifted her spirits.

Photo Credits to Anja.

Connor's First Baseball Game

Connor and I had an all-American experience yesterday, we hung out and watched Purdue win their last baseball game of the season. It was his first ever game and boy did he love it. 




Sunday, May 22, 2016

Isabel's First Blog Post........Anja’s Birthday Party

This year Anja decided to have her 11th birthday party at the pool. We all enjoyed playing in the water. After we got out we ate pizza and cupcakes. Finally it was time for Anja to open presents. She got so many new and cool things including a sketchbook, which she much enjoys, several gift cards including one to Vons, which Mommy dislikes, and some new clothes. Anja definitely had a fun birthday party!