Thursday, November 29, 2007

Our New Lives

I saw this the other day and thought it was a pretty good visual of how our lives have changed over the last few years.

This very distinguished looking glass, designed to hold the famous Belgian white wheat ale from The Hoegaarden Brewery in Belgium, was "acquired" by Lynne and myself one late night about eight years ago from a bar in Sweden (we paid for them of course). We had a lot of fun that night and when we awoke the next morning and eventually realized why our heads hurt, the glasses sitting in our hotel room served to jog the many memories from the night before. They were fun times indeed.

So you can see why the image of this glass being used as an excellent receptacle for warming Isabel's bottle may provide an excellent metaphor for how our lives have changed. I cannot remember the last time Lynne and I last awoke in a hotel bedroom with sore heads with a couple of empty "acquired' glasses sitting on the sideboard.

I miss those days but we have moved on and neither of us would even consider going back given what we have now. We love our girls to much. Back then we had a few fun days and nights but now every day, evening and night with the girls is packed with fun.

(Lindsay - thanks for taking the picture!)

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Who is Stealing from the Fridge?

Anja's new trick is to walk around everywhere with her stool to gain greater access. The fridge is now prime territory since there is normally interesting stuff there!!

We are having a relatively normal week. Busy of course but normal. We are on a drive right now to try getting the girls to sleep a little earlier in the evening. To get more sleep since we think they are not getting enough but also so that we get some time together in the evening. As it was we were getting the girls to bed and then simply crashing in bed ourselves!! I think it may be working a little. It's now 8.05pm and both girls are down for the night - we think or rather we hope!

Hope you are all doing well.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Getting Through the Weekend!

It's so nice to be able to log on to ones computer without knowing that it's going to crash several times before you have any chance of actually doing anything. Lovely!! Anyhow, I digress!!

Hope you are all enjoying this long Thanksgiving weekend? We are pretty chilled out here in West Lafayette. Taking it easy during the day, long evening dinners followed by marathon bedtime reading sessions in front of our open fire crackling away.

I have been able to get a few runs in over the weekend, 11 miles which helped to counter the good food and calorie laden beverages that have been consumed!

We had Kaisa and Kevin, together with their girls over for dinner last night!! It was fun.

Shown below are a few more photos from Thanksgiving dinner the other day!! No comments please on the placement of my head relative to the two red candles on the sideboard behind. I'm sure some of you "Devils" out there will find this amusing!



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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Today the day presented itself in two parts. The quiet first half saw the four of us, with Daisy of course, taking it easy all day. The girls slept a lot which helped us relax. Lynne was able to take a few moments to herself and escaped into some book or other whilst I spent a few frustrating hours trying to get our new computer fully loaded with all our software. Got there in the end but only after a few frayed nerves!!

The second half, this evening was a little more hectic. We were invited to spend Thanksgiving with our neighbours Phil and Liz and the Krause family. They had 20 family members to share their turkey and ham so us joining did not add much stress. It was a great evening. Liz and Phil, many thanks for the invitation, we truly enjoyed it. We sampled some true American family indulgence and interaction, even had a birthday to celebrate. Got home to get the girls to bed at approximately their usual bedtime. It's 11.20pm and I have just now stopped fussing with the computer.

I like this holiday thing...we still have three free days ahead of us!! Yipeee!

During our visit to the Krause's I took a few family pictures, shown below is their family!

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There goes Daddy with the Camera Again!

Lynne was reading to the girls the other evening and it jogged memories from two years back when Lynne first started reading to Anja! She has not stopped since!!

Anyhow, I grabbed the camera to capture the scene (as you do) and hit this perfect shot on just the second attempt. I'm sure it's not perfect from a photographic sense, but right now perfection for me is everybody looking at the camera, and wow are those girls looking at what Daddy is up to!

I like this picture a lot...the girls in my life!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We Are Back!!

New computer arrived this evening so I have a new toy to play with over this long four day Thanksgiving Holiday here in the States. Expect lots of updates. I'm already having trouble with a network drive (aarrgh!!)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who will celebrate it!!

This is a recent picture of Isabel - boy is she getting big, alert and an attitude!!

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weekend Update

Well after a long struggle, I have been able to get our computer stable enough to write a few posts. This should not continue for much longer and normal service should resume shortly.

We are taking it easy this weekend. No scheduled activities other than dinner at Lorraine and Randy's tonight. I did however manage to get my usual Saturday morning 5 mile run in which I was pleased about. I was travelling to Europe this week for work and it took it's toll.

Pat is still here helping out which is great, although we will now enter our last week without parental (or grand parental help). Yes, Isabel will reach her 14th week next Saturday and from then on there will not be a grandparent here. Wonder if she will notice? We certainly will. From next week, just Lynne, myself and the girls. Incredible really. The miles from West Lafayette to both Ireland and England have not provided much of a barrier to the love and care that the grand mothers were able to provide.

We thank you both again.

So, hoping that you are all doing well. Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and Christmas soon thereafter of course. Lots of posts before then however.

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Anja the Wicked Witch

This year, Anja's first real year enjoying Halloween, chose to be a wicked witch. My mother bought this costume weeks ago when her and Anja were out on a shopping trip.

Lynne, myself and Anja all went on our first ever Trick or Treat trip to our neighbours houses. It was a great experience. She was very shy at first but soon loosened up when she realized there were goodies to be had at each house.

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Posting via Email

Hi All,

I'm posting now via email since it's so hard to get on our home computer - it continually dies midway though start-up. A new computer has been ordered. The pictures may be few and far between over the next week or so.
Anyhow we are all still doing OK. I just got back from a whistle stop tour  to Edinburgh. I left Monday and got back Thursday evening. Very tired but that was partly due to the fact that we stayed over one night in Ireland and caught up with Clive and Mum for a night out in Dublin. It was a lot of fun.

I'll post a weekend update tomorrow.

Hope you are all doing well.