Sunday, October 16, 2005

Short Update from the Weekend!


Not much to report from this weekend. Took it easy most of the time. I brewed a batch of beer while Lynne cooked and pureed lots of fruits and vegtables for Anja. Yesterday was finished off by a visit to Lynne's boss's house, that of Steve and Sally Byrn. They threw a party of the most recent addition to the faculty in Lynne's department. Greg (no idea of last name) and his wife Susan (Susie I think) arrived in West Lafayette over the weekend are are currently house hunting.

Today Lynne left on a three day work trip, she will teach a course in Philadelphia. She felt pretty bad leaving us both (Anja really) but I assured her that she would be fine. Now I have to ensure that everything will be fine.

We can now start the countdown until Granny Owens arrives... My Mum will be arriving from Ireland Friday and everybody is very excited to see her, particularly Anja who has yet to see her other Granny!!

That's pretty much it for this weekend. More later...


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