Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Photos !!!!

Hi everybody,

Thanks for hanging in recently, updates have been few and far between. In any case, shown below are a few Christmas shots.

As you have seen, Davey and Sam from Aylesbury arrived safely on Friday morning to West Lafayette. On Christmas eve we all visited Randy and Lorraine to exchange presents and wish them all the best. Randy is a dab hand at omelet preparation and we were all willing to sample the fare.

Had a relaxing Christmas day. Didn't manage to burn the turkey and the sprouts were not that soggy. All in all, a slow day was had by all, food, sweets, wine, etc etc!!

Anja seems to have adopted several new tricks over this holiday period (must be the influence of her uncle Davey the joker), she is now crawling at top speed, pulling herself up on all imaginable items including her cot (crib). She has also decided that naps are not her thing!! Her parents know better!!

Hope you all had a great holiday and speak to you all soon. Watch this space for more holiday snaps!!!!!

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