Monday, February 20, 2006

Weekend at Childrens Museum and Randy and Loraine's

Hi everybody,

Well after a Saturday of chores in which it was -12C outside, we managed to get out and about yesterday. We took a trip, together with Kevin, Kaisa and Anna, to The Children's Museum in Indy. It was excellent - for Anja in any case and of course by definition for us all!!

We spent a couple of hours watching toddlers and small children doing battle for the most interesting toys and favored play spots. I think we'll be back there. It would be a great place to catch up on all the latests colds.....Lots of kids everywhere...Everybody putting everything in their mouths and generally leaving lots of bodily fluid everywhere.

Last night we all spent a very enjoyable evening yet again with Randy and Lorraine....We cannot share the photos but for a fee I can provide them.......he he!!

Spent a day last week in sunny San Diego. Everybody I met with were continuously apologising for their 25C weather...Unusually cold for a Feb!!! It was freezing in Indy when I left!!

Finished two more books last week worth noting. The first, Blink, is very interesting and worth a read for those of you looking for something slightly different. The second, Freakonomics, was not as good but certainly quirky. They are both worth a read.

That's all for this week....Will report some more later. Of course you will notice the obligatory multitude of Anja photos below....She is showing off her new gnashers in a few!!


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