Friday, April 21, 2006

A Missive from Ireland

Hi Everybody,

Well somebody must be reading these pages, had a text message from Ireland this week reminding me that I needed to update the blog, and indeed I did. It has been a while.

Many little things have been happening. Spring/summer has arrived in earnest here in West Lafayette. We've been having great weather (80 degrees) and no humidity at all. I love April and May.

I've been out on the bike a few times already, have almost 100 miles in before the end of April so the year is off to a good start. I've also been running with Phil as normal during the week and on Saturdays. We are doing 11 miles tomorrow morning, Phil is running the Indy half marathon in two weeks time. I had planned to run but I thought Helen's wedding in the New Forest (England) would be an easier day out.

Anja is obviously growing up fast. You will notice from the photos below that she is now enjoying the outdoor life. Last weekend saw Daddy install a swing and we also bought a paddling pool. Lots of fun. She is practically running around everywhere now and this evening we had our first grazed knee when she hit the path at full speed. Bare knees normally come off worse in those situations. I also had to remove her first splinter this week - something about gauging her big toe with a needle did not seem right. Anyhow, she came through OK.

Lindsay, our new nanny is settling in well. Her and Anja have hit it off like a house on fire. We are really happy with her.

Lynne is extremely busy at work, she seems to be submitting research papers every week. Today she informed me that she has now submitted 10 already this year. Its phenomenal. I had lunch with her group today. One of her post-doc researchers is leaving to return home to the UK so they had a relaxed lunch together. It was nice to meet them all.

Next week Anja is a big one year old. We will celebrate in a small way. Have some friends with small children over to blow out the candles.

That's all the major news. This week I may post one picture each night, starting Sunday night, in a build up to Anja's birthday on Friday. Like a picture review of the year. It will be tricky since I have thousands of photos and trying to pick six will take some choosing....

Bye for now!!

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