Saturday, April 01, 2006

Short Visit to Ireland

Hi Everybody

As promised from my last post, below are a few pictures that offer some insight into a family gathering in Roscommon (small town in Ireland where I grew up). I was traveling to the UK for work last week and left on Friday instead of Sunday to catch up with my family. It was a very short trip.

My brother Clive and his girlfriend, Tracey, collected me Saturday morning from the airport. It was nice to be collected (Thanks!). After collecting another brother, Aiden, and his wife, Isaall, at their house in Mullingar we headed west to Roscommon. 100 miles or thereabouts from Dublin.

We arrived and Mum, Eilish and Dad had breakfast waiting for us (Mostly Mum). Yummy, nothing like a full Irish breakfast!!

That evening we were joined by Eilish's boyfriend, Colm and yet another brother Jonathan and his wife Triona. The rest as they say is history......well history lasted until about 03.30 that night. A few pictures are shown below.

Left again Sunday morning and stayed one night with Clive and Tracey in Kildare before leaving Monday morning.

It was a nice visit but a little short.

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