Saturday, March 31, 2007

A visit to Keith, Sam, Thomas, James and Ella's House

After spending a few days relaxing in Ireland, we took to the road again to visit Lynne's brother Keith and family. He collected us at Heathrow which was really nice since we were lugging 6 bags of STUFF and Anja of course. After a short trip we had landed at his new house in Esher.

We got to chill out for the weekend, interacting with his kids during the day and catching up with their busy lives in the evening. Three kids which need shuffling between ballet, football, judo and others is not easy.

Anja and Ella who is five hit it off straight away. Anja seemed to want to copy everything she did!!

Keith and Sam are keeping well, although considering moving again (already on their 4th house in almost as many years). Not sure how they do it.

We were there for St Patrick's day. Whilst we did not partake in copious amounts of alcohol intake, we did enjoy the finale to the Six Nations Rugby Tournament. For those of you that know what this is and how it turned out, you will appreciate why I wish to comment on this no further....

We enjoyed the stay...Thanks

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