Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Beer Update

Thought I'd recount a little of my recent brewing activities to fill you all in as it were..

There is currently a double chocolate stout in my keg which is really good. I brewed it our house with Steef, Jeff and Dave helping. I modeled it after one of my favorites Youngs Double chocolate Stout (apologies Youngs website was down when writing). I also have a Czech type pilsner that turned out alright (drinkable) but was a little bitter if I was honest. I modeled that one after a Budvar not to be confused with its very different American cousin (Bud).

This weekend I will actually brew another batch. First time in a while actually, the weather was simply to cold. One of Lynne's students is actually going to view the process, he apparently wishes to start brewing and is eager to see it played out for real. Going to run a Mild Ale, which should be good for easy drinking around the BBQ in a couple of months. Here are the actual ingredients I bought for anybody interested.

Beer Profile:
A beer that I recently had which I thought was worth mentioning. McEwans Scotch Ale. It is pretty potent (8%) and has lots of flavor. If you ever get a chance to taste this, take the opportunity. It was rated pretty high (88) on Rate . To give you a reference, draft Guinness has a value of 83. It's perfect if you are just having one bottle of beer in the evening, it's like a winter warmer. Rosey cheeks and a good night sleep are the side effects!!

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