Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Why Another Layout?

You may be saying to yourself, here we go again, new week new layout, and asking yourself how trigger happy am I going to actually get!

Well what you see now is what you get. I had changed initially to get motivated again after re-entry to blogging. I simply just picked a new template and started working on it. I admit that I was a little horrified when I remembered that it was the same style as Davey & Sam's blog. I decided then not to change it once again until I was switched over to the New Blogger.

Just so that you know, blogger, the hosting site of this blog, has been migrating to a new version and this blog was migrated today. So here it is, after a short time playing with templates etc etc the look and feel is complete!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Paul,
Like the new template!
I'll look forward to checking in on a regular basis to keep up with your news and brews!


Mike Goodwin said...

If you want any tweaks to the look (major or minor) just let me know. It should only take a few minutes to do whatever you want...unless it involves generating some graphics. That might take a day or two. I know I told you I'd help a long time ago and have never made good on that promise.