Sunday, May 13, 2007

Beautiful Weather in West Lafayette this Weekend!

Sunday afternoon here in West Lafayette and the weekend is almost over. It was been beautiful though. High 70s with no humidity. We will soon miss these days.

Got to a variety of things over the last couple of days. We went to breakfast on Saturday morning at Randy & Lorraine's house, test drove a couple of cars at the Subaru dealer (more on this later), went to Emma's birthday party yesterday afternoon (some of us stayed very late indeed, which has left the mind a little fuzzy today). Lots of Additional photos can be found in a Web Album.

This morning Anja and I brewed a batch of beer (Raspberry Wheat Ale) while Lynne was at the Purdue Commencement (graduation ceremony). This afternoon we have caught up with some gardening chores (weeding, mowing, trimming, cutting etc etc).

I also managed to get a 5 mile run in, found out that leg muscles are still unhappy one week after running a half marathon....

Today is Mothers day here in the US. Bought Lynne something small on Friday and wrapped it up. Trying to get a 2 year old to keep a present a secret for two days is not trivial!! Despite a few hours of coaching before Lynne came back this morning, she wished Lynne a Happy Birthday upon giving her her gift!! Going to try cooking something nice this evening, Cod in an apple and cream sauce with rice and veggies..Have to see how it turns out!!

That's pretty much how the weekend has gone, we have been busy but it has been relaxing also.


Davey and Sammy said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me - nice and chilled.

How do you upload your photos? Your photos have a grey border.

Paul said...

Hi, I upload mostly by viewing photos in picasa and hitting the "Blog This" button. This automatically dumps the picture into a posting box.

I think the grey box round the photos is part of this template but I cannot say for sure.