Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Clive

Today, June 13th, is my brother Clive's birthday. Good morning and happy birthday Clive. Hope you have a great day. Try to get through the work part and have a relaxing evening.

Generally having a quite week, not much going on. We are having visitors tomorrow however. Jonathan, his son Diarmuid and his friend will stay with us for at least one night whilst on their way to St Louis I believe. They will be here tomorrow evening, however, as a seasoned trans-Atlantic traveller I have a feeling that all they will want to do when they arrive is sleep. Of course this is in contrast to any get together we have ever had with Jonathan since he quite enjoys good company, catching up with the latest news and a few beers.

We are truly looking forward to his visit. If you check this on your way down Jonathan, have a safe trip, see you in a few hours.

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