Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's a Busy Week

So, it is and continues to be a busy week!!

We had a good friend from Sweden visit us Tuesday night. Mark Nicholas, whom we know from our days in Sweden and owner of the Depth Profile blog, was visiting Purdue University this week and he stayed with us. We all ambled off in the evening for a curry and a chat about life back in Sweden and old times.

Then on Wednesday, we had George Zografi in West Lafayette and we were out to dinner with him. He is Lynne's old supervisor from her time in Madison Wisconsin.

Today Lynne had her second student pass his PhD thesis defense in as many weeks. Patrick Marsac is now fully doctored up. He did really well apparently. We will see him and his wife Megan on Saturday since Lynne is having her entire research group with better halves over for a BBQ. Congratulations Patrick.

Tonight, to keep with our busy week schedule, we had Randy and Lorraine over for dinner. That was to easy organize since all we need to do is provide a little food and wine and the situation takes care of itself.

We are ready for Friday......

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