Saturday, July 14, 2007

Holidays at Raccoon Lake, Indiana

With only a few weeks to go before the baby arrives (three) and with the daytime heat in this part of the world in the mid to upper 80's, we opted for a relatively close to home vacation this year. We stayed at a lake house on Raccoon Lake which put us approximately one hour from Home hospital maternity unit if so required. As it turns out it was not needed (thankfully) and we had a very relaxing week. We actually stayed at Liz and Phil Krause's lake house on Raccoon who were kind enough to let us stay there for the week. I actually posted a picture of the house on this site last year just after they bought it.

We had a great week which for the most part centered around relaxation. Ever find yourself more tired after a holiday than before - not us this year. We read, cooked nice food, watched movies, sat and watched the lake and the world go by for a week without TV, email, internet, telephones or newspapers. It was nice!!

We are now back and had a hectic day (of course) getting things sorted out. Moving beds, washing clothes, shopping, yikes we could have a baby at any time now!!

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