Friday, July 06, 2007

Keep an Eye on this - My Brother Davey's Latest Adventure

I thought I'd plug my brother Davey's latest adventure. He and a couple of his thirty something college buddies/friends have just decided to get active again with a 50 km hike and bike ride over a mountain in Scotland. It's all to raise money for charity so it's admirable, just wondering how much this has to do with aging bodies on a mission to show how young they still are!!

Seriously though, I think it's great. Check out their blog describing this, training and all and consider donating if you believe it's a worthy cause. I will also add a permanent link to this site for the coming months.

This is the same brother who incidentally is going to take off round the world. He cannot update his blog on this topic since nobody at his work has any idea yet of this plan ::))

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