Friday, July 27, 2007

A Tough Week

We had two patients this week.

I caught a bout of food poisoning or something on Tuesday since I spent most of that night being very intimate with the toilet. I'll leave the rest to your imagination. I'm really only starting to feel better today.

Anja has also been quite ill this week. It started off with a fever. After a few days she broke out in these sores around her mouth. She also has inflamed gums. I called the health clinic and they believe it to be a viral infection called Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. Sounds terrible I know but quite common in children. There is no treatment and it normally runs it's course in a week or so. It's different from Foot and Mouth Disease which animals get.

I think Lindsay was tired this evening. Normally Anja is relatively easy to look after. This week, however, with the fever and constant need for attention due to her feeling poorly she has been hard work. Thanks Lindsay, you deserve a break this weekend (Mike ! :)) Lynne will also be glad of Anja's improving condition since she may get some sleep. Perhaps I should also take some of my own advice and let Lynne take it easy.

Other than all of this, the week has been OK. More later.

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