Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Who Has Stolen All My Time ?

I know the concept is a bit of a cliché, namely a new baby arrives and the parents have no time left, well I'm starting to get the picture. This week in particular I seem to have no time to do anything, and I'm not doing the bulk of the caregiving!

The day starts at about 6am in order to get to work. I don't get home until about 6pm at which time it's time for dinner. After the dishes are done and a short walk around the neighbourhood it's close to 8pm and time for the night-time routine. All are in bed between 9 and 9.30pm to start again the next day!!

I realize that many others have it much more difficult than we do in terms of their support structures but having small children is not for the meek. Now most people out there with children already know this, it's a matter of when one comes to fully understand it. Furthermore, I know people indicated that it was more difficult with two than one and I was agreeing very politely but not really understanding. Now I do. Then there are those who have three, four and even more children. Well....

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