Saturday, November 04, 2017

Pausing but not finished, I will be back.....Seeking Feedback!

This is a holding blog post. I have been doing this blog for over 10 years now and after several months without a post I will have to admit that I have run out of energy on this. I am not giving up, I will almost certainly come back, not sure exactly when.

It is with with mixed feelings that I do this, only because I frequently find one of our kids read with incredible interest a blog post that I posted several years earlier!

Upon reflection, when I started this blog I was extremely excited about sharing small anecdotes and photos of our brand new family on the internet with friends and family all over the world. In this, this blog was incredibly efficient. That was before Facebook, Twitter or Instagram became ubiquitous. Now as I think about updating "The Blog", in the era of Facebook, Instagarm, Twitter, Snapchat, it seems awfully antiquated.

If you think I'm off-base here or are approaching this in the wrong way, leave a comment and lets see what happens. I appreciate your viewing!

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