Thursday, November 29, 2007

Our New Lives

I saw this the other day and thought it was a pretty good visual of how our lives have changed over the last few years.

This very distinguished looking glass, designed to hold the famous Belgian white wheat ale from The Hoegaarden Brewery in Belgium, was "acquired" by Lynne and myself one late night about eight years ago from a bar in Sweden (we paid for them of course). We had a lot of fun that night and when we awoke the next morning and eventually realized why our heads hurt, the glasses sitting in our hotel room served to jog the many memories from the night before. They were fun times indeed.

So you can see why the image of this glass being used as an excellent receptacle for warming Isabel's bottle may provide an excellent metaphor for how our lives have changed. I cannot remember the last time Lynne and I last awoke in a hotel bedroom with sore heads with a couple of empty "acquired' glasses sitting on the sideboard.

I miss those days but we have moved on and neither of us would even consider going back given what we have now. We love our girls to much. Back then we had a few fun days and nights but now every day, evening and night with the girls is packed with fun.

(Lindsay - thanks for taking the picture!)

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