Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas Everybody

Merry Christmas Everybody. We are rather poor at sending out season greetings via mail, using either a card, annual review or using a family portrait with greetings. We have received well wishes from friends and family from Sweden, England, Scotland, Ireland, the US and elsewhere. Many thanks to all of you and Merry Christmas.

Life is finally starting to wind down here in West Lafayette. Work for both myself and Lynne has been extremely hectic over the past few weeks. Isabel's sleeping, together with her seemingly continuous cold, has yet to settle down so life on the home front has also been very busy. We both need a break and intend to relax a little over the coming days.

We're actually going to spend the three days of Christmas at a state park in a small cabin together with Brad and Lisa and Family. Potato Creek about 2 hours drive north of where we live. It should be very nice and we are looking forward to it.

We are really looking forward to Christmas morning this year. Anja is very excited about Santa Claus. Anytime we speak to her about it or others ask her what she's getting, she gets this mystic look of amazement that this person is going to deliver presents after coming down the chimney. We will try capturing some of this on video and post it in the new year.

Lindsay took this great photo of the girls other day. We think it's possibly the best shot yet of them together.

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