Sunday, December 02, 2007

This Old Man Turned 35!!

Today, what's left of it, is my birthday. Yip, turned over another leaf today, the 35th leaf!!

Had a great day...I awoke first thing this morning, too early I might add, to Anja presenting my gift and wanting me to get up!! She, together with Isabel of course, had bought me a great book entitled "Daddy's Girl" by Garrison Keillor. It's very good, well recommended.

Lynne and Anja baked a super cake yesterday, my favourite, a fruit cake. We blew out candles this morning at Randy & Lorraine's. For my birthday I got another gadget to add to my collection. A pair of Bose noise cancelling headphones. They are very cool indeed.

All in all, I have enjoyed the day. Many thanks to you all who called and sent cards :)

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Davey and Sammy said...

Happy birthday're look'n good for 35. Did my card arrive in time? I'm glad you had a good one - nice new toy, i've had a go on a pair, really cool.

Speak to you soon.


runthehill said...

Happy Birthday Auld Man! That's a super present - Triona and myself have those as well - they rock!