Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Nanny

Well we have a new nanny, her name is Kristina. She is very nice and has even started to come each day this week to help Lindsay with her last week. This will really help her to get to know the girls and the routine while Lindsay is here. Particularly Anja who initially was very "anti new nanny". She declared on Saturday evening after we had several girls over for an interview that "she did not like any of the ladies and that she wanted Lindsay to stay".

Kristina officially starts next week. She is pretty young with seemingly lots of energy. She is getting married in May to Sean and they are currently building a house in the local area. She is taking a part-time business degree (online I believe) which should be finished in two years. She has a strong interest in photography and eventually wishes to have her own portrait studio.

We welcome and look forward to having Kristina help make our hectic lives a reality!

I have posted a few pictures of Isabel from this week.

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