Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend Update

Sunday afternoon and it's been a little more busy than usual around here. Yesterday was a jumbo nanny interviewing day. We had six scheduled but a few didn't turn up so the load was lightened. I guess they didn't like the way I spoke with them on the phone.

We met several great girls yesterday, many of whom we would be happy with. We had some tough decisions last night but I think we and teh girls will be very happy with our choice. We have yet to call each candidate so there will be more updates later on our new nanny.

Still really cold here, well below freezing. Took this picture of Iasbel this morning. She is really getting into her solid food and as you can see is starting to get very steady when sitting. They each have the nasty cold/virus that is going round. Ruby has also been quite ill this weekend. It's tough being a parent and being quite helpless when watching the kids not feeling very well.

Not much else to report, have a great week.

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Davey and Sammy said...

...i'd go for the one with the biggest jugs...