Sunday, February 24, 2008

Active Weekend!

Had a reasonably active weekend in addition to all the usual chores. I did my first reasonably long run yesterday in preparation for the Indy half marathon. I had an hour open up in the day and grabbed it. Managed to get though 7.2 miles and although there was snow on the ground, most of the paths and roads were cleared. I really enjoyed it.

Today Anja and I went swimming and later in the day Isabel and I went for a really long walk. Gave Lynne some time to herself. It felt good and great to get out. I'm ready for Spring, how about you?

Had the Mauers over for dinner Friday evening which is always fun, although I believe Anja and Reina get a lot more enjoyment from it.

I was browsing pictures to add a good one from the weekend but none jumped out at me. So I pulled one from the past, here is Sam and Anja from about one year ago during our visit to Ireland and England. Have a great week everybody.

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