Monday, May 19, 2008

Nice Pictures from the Weekend!

Shown below are few nice pictures that we took at Kristina's wedding on Saturday. It always helps when the weather is behaving!

I have not said much over the last two weeks about Lynne's mothers visit. Pat is helping round the house with many things from preparing lunch to dinner and from baby sitting to cooking up some freezer food for the kids. It's always nice to have her visit. She has one more week before she makes her way back to London.

Not much else happening really. It was a busy weekend as normal, trying to get everything done and a few extras. I managed a 6 mile run and a 23 mile bike ride on Sunday with Kevin so that was nice! Lynne spent a few hours in the garden which is her equivalent. Breakfast at Randy and Lorraines and a shopping trip to the mall rounded out the activities.

Last night we decided our holiday schedule, first and third weeks of July for some R&R in a log cabin somewhere!!

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