Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Jonathan and Family off to Australia!

Jonathan, Triona, Diarmuid and Nara will soon be moving to Australia (not really sure what's going to happen to Rosie and Kipper). They leave in just over a week, 11th September I believe. We wish them the very best of luck. I'm sure it will be exciting for them, moving to Brisbane, for just under one year. I believe their plan is to be back next August, in time for Clive and Tracey's wedding.

I heard that they intend taking it easy initially, if one can ever really do that with a small baby, Nara is just over three months.

I'm sure there will be frequent updates on Ozzy life on their blog once they arrive and get settled in so be sure to check in often.

Our family are a pretty global bunch really. We are in the US after having lived for quite a few years in Sweden. Davey and Sam are obviously in a different country every month right now (currently Thailand). Aiden lives and works in The Netherlands, Jonathan and Triona are moving to Australia (also lived in Indianapolis for a short time), Clive and Tracey currently live in Ireland but lived in Australia for one year and Eilish is still at home. Mum is willing to trot all over the globe but Dad, well he lives in Roscommon and always will now!!

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