Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving Holiday

It has been a pretty festive here in West Lafayette over the last week. It was Thanksgiving week and of course in this country that means no work and lots of food. On Thanksgiving Day we had dinner with Kaisa and Kevin and their family. It was a fun packed day/evening and when I get photos from Kaisa I will post more specifically on that.

Then on Saturday we had Thanksgiving dinner at Randy and Lorraine's house with their family and friends (all 22 of us). It was a great day, very enjoyable and positively relaxing. The photos below are from that event but I have posted a wider selection here.

Finally then on Sunday, Lynne cooked a meal for my birthday (we generally celebrate on the closest weekend). She invited some friends over and we had cake. It was a fun day overall, the highlight of which was the wrapped up a present the girls gave me which they proceeded to open as soon as I thanked them. I now need to hit the gym.



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