Sunday, March 15, 2009

Relaxed Weekend in the Sun

No, we didn't travel to any far off sun destination, West Lafayette, had very nice weather for a change this weekend. First signs of spring. It spurred us to clean up the garden a little, sprinkle some grass seed, put our first vegetable seeds in and went for a stroll through a local forest trail for a couple of hours, Celery Bog.

Anja was much better today. Let me clarify. She had a visit to urgent care on Friday with a fever of 104F. After an extremely poor doctors visit, he barely examined her, he put her on a course of antibiotics. It was all very mixed, since the swab for strep throat was negative but she had swollen tonsils with white spots and she is feeling much better after two days on drugs. Hopefully she is now on the mend, many of us have had a few broken nights sleep.

Not much happening this week other than I will visit Ireland and spend next weekend with my Mum and Dad. I'm working in the UK next week so I'm going early to spend the weekend in Ireland. Cool!!

A few pictures of the girls playing this week and some reading this weekend!

Enjoy the week!!



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