Sunday, June 14, 2009

Arrived Safely in Florida

I brought my computer with me this week (for a necessary reason that I may be able to disclose in a week or so) so I'll be able to give a short running commentary on how our week on the beach is going. Sorry no pictures though, not able to get them onto my work laptop.

Arrived safely yesterday, the girls did great on the flight (how long does it take to fly to Florida from Indy? - exactly the length of the movie "Little Mermaid II).

We are in this beautiful and pretty big condo, which looks out across the gulf of Mexico. There is a white sandy beach literally 2 mins walk and a swimming pool between us and there.

Managed to go shopping yesterday, we are going to self cater for the most part. This morning, with the girls ready to go at 7.00am (no room for hangovers) we were on the beach and in the sea by 8.30am. Roll forward to 11.30am having transitioned to the pool, the girls were exhausted. They are now both in bed for naps...hence my chance to read the papers and do this. Lynne has stowed away with a book and popcorn.

That's it for now....later

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