Friday, January 08, 2010

Steef and Ginette Visit

Right before the New Year, Steef, Ginette, Marissa and Aneka came to visit. Aneka is just about 6 weeks older than Connor so just like us they’re currently hunkered down for a while. We had a very enjoyable evening, Aneka was very well behaved and Marissa had a ball running around after our two girls. It was so funny to see Isabel desperately copying everything Anja did and then Marissa doing exactly the same. As always, dress-up was the favored activity! Great to see you guys again!

Let sleeping babies sleep right (or something like that). Aneka and Connor before dinner!

Aneka is a liitle older so she is already a pro at cute little smiles!

Isabel the perfect little Mommy, in their dress up regalia!

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