Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lindsay, Tomatoes and Relaxing!!

I took a vacation day today to spend some time with Mum, Dad and Eilish. It’s turning out to be quite relaxing since they are not that bothered about traveling any distance to see any sites, they wish simply to sit in the sun, relax and enjoy our company, its mostly the kids I think!!

We did go out this afternoon, however, just to break the day’s activity up a little. We did a little shopping but the highlight was the purchase of our tomatoes for the year. Big Boy, Celebrity, Early Girl, Sweet 100, and Yellow Pear were the tomato varieties I went for this year in addition to a tomatillo for some top tasty salsa dishes again this year. Yum Yum!!

We also had a visit this morning from Lindsay, Ruby and Burke. Great to see you all as always, please come as often as you like. The girls love playing with Ruby and Burke and I think Brooke enjoys some adult company!!

Shown below are a few of the pictures I snapped this morning!!

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Lindsay said...

We had a great time! Ruby woke up this morning and said, "Can we go play with Anja again today?" :)

We'll be sure to come around more often, now that the good weather (and healthier conditions) are in effect. :) Ruby and Burke enjoyed the kids, and I agree with Brooke - adult interaction is a welcome change of pace. :)

It was *wonderful* to see your mom again, and to meet Eilish and your dad. I'm so proud of him for making the flight! :)

See you soon!