Sunday, October 10, 2010

Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering

The girls and I took a stroll down to campus this morning. A couple of weeks ago, as we were leaving from swimming lessons at Purdue there was a really beautiful full moon out. I started talking about the moon with the girls right as we were passing Purdue’s newest building, the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering. He is arguably one of Purdue’s most famous students, graduating in 1955 with a BS in Aeronautical Engineering. Obviously I was able to tell the girls all about Neil Armstrong and his walk on the moon. They were quite intrigued. We even took a look at a few videos on line of that famous event, possibly the highlight of the last century. They now both want to be astronauts :)

So we wondered around the new building this morning, saw a statue of him, the girls were able to see the concrete steps they have in the plaza and they even have a real lunar capsule hanging in the atrium. Apparently they have a sample from the moon but we could'nt find it anywhere. We all had fun but I think the hot chocolate we had afterwards in one of the campus cafes was probably the highlight of their morning. I had fun though!! 

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