Monday, January 24, 2011

Chicago and General Update

We had a great weekend in Chicago last week. We received with great thanks Kay’s kind and gracious hospitality although it was a rather tough weekend for her. She had a sinus infection to start with but after taking one of her two cats to the vet, Simon, it was determined that he was too ill to live any longer (sorry again Kay). We also met up with Dave and Emily, both on Friday night and on Sunday morning for breakfast. To top it all, Lynne and I found this great Ethiopian place on the north-side to eat called Demera (check out their menu). It was very very tasty and to be a good sport, I even tasted two Ethiopian beers, a Bedele and a Castel which were just OK.

Back at home the girls and Connor had a great weekend with Randy and Lorraine (a huge thanks to you both again). They went to Snapperz again (photos below). When we arrived home, the kids were really excited to see us and we had a great dinner on the table!!

The week has been a little cold here, typical January really. They all went out in the snow last week, I think it was Connor’s first time so I have a few photos of that below too. 

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