Saturday, May 07, 2011

Happy Birthday Brov...

Today, my brother David (or Davey as he likes to be called) turns 21 today. Sorry that I did not get a chance to call (or send you a nice bouquet of flowers), I was busy with this half marathon. I did think of you several times though. You cannot imagine how many times I saw 07th May emblazoned on items today at this race and instinctively every time I said to myself, yip, "Today is Davey’s Birthday". Love you. Hope you had an enjoyable one. Catch up later.

The photo below of Davey is one I shot about two years ago at Clive’s wedding when he was best man. We were both in need of a bio-break after the church service so we both took off running together in search of the necessary. Being able to run a little quicker than him, I turned and snapped a quick shot as we both dived into the nearby toilet ::)))

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Davey and Sammy said...

Hey guys, thanks for the birthday wish. I had a very relaxing day. We had been busy in our camper for the past few weeks, with two bank holidays in a row, so it was rather nice to stay at home and chill on the couch and watch some movies. All is well here...we will have our blog back up and running in a couple of weeks :)

All the best for now.