Monday, May 02, 2011

Mum Gone Home

We were all a little sad to say “Farewell to Granny Owens” today. She is travelling back to Ireland as I type and will be home very early tomorrow morning. We all had a great time for her four and half week visit. She was a huge help to us in watching the kids, particularly when Lynne was in the UK and even in the evenings and weekends. Of course the kids really bonded with her given that the stay was sufficiently long for them to get really acquainted with her again. They loved waking her up in the mornings, the attention she splurged on them, their constant gifts and the many knitted items she did for them. Connor and her spent many many hours roaming the back yard.

Mum: - We thoroughly enjoyed your stay, you were a huge help, an easy guest and many thanks one last time for all you did for us all. 

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