Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor Day Weekend .....Report

We have had one very busy Labor day Weekend. 
At the outset we didn't really have many plans but we certainly filled our time as the weekend progressed. Started at home with some gardening, weeding, and harvesting on Saturday morning along with the usual weekend chores.  It was a cool pristine morning and all five of us were out there in our work clothes getting stuck into weeds with rakes, spades and forks. The kids absolutely loved it, it's amazing how excited you can get kids about something if you really make them part of the activity.  To hear Isabel and Anja tell how hard they worked later you'd swear we had them in a forced labor camp.

Steef and Ginette then came over to play, eat, drink and have fun on Saturday afternoon/evening. They brought this great Greek Yogurt dessert, a huge bowl, most of which was consumed before they left (sorry I got no picture). Connor took a particular liking to it as you'll see from the photo below.

On Sunday, after a relaxing morning of reading, we visited with Randy and Lorraine to catch up on how there're doing and dinner. We ended up staying for a bonfire which the kids were thrilled with. Not sure exactly if they love roasted marshmellows or the bonfire more. There was a beautiful sunset in the background right as the bonfire was ready for roasting action.

Today then, Labor Day, Lisa and Brad hosted us for their typical great spread of food and good company.  Weather was great, we got caught up on other old friends, picked some fresh veggies from Lisa's garden, kids played in the creek and generally relaxed and enjoyed the day. 

We'll all sleep well tonight. Hope you all had a great holiday weekend and a good week. A sampling of the weekend's photos are shown below.

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